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We at Orpud Marketing believes that every person has the potential to grow his/her own life faster, smarter and lead the life in most elegant way and can achieve financial success through MLM. It also provides opportunity of equal earning to every one. Keeping that view in mind we are working very fast to increase our member base to all corners of the country to not only enhance our support base but to also spread our products and other related services to the end user.
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    02 JUNE TO 30 JUNE 2021

    1.BHARTI DEVI-OM78965676
    1.SONU PANDIT-OM21230980
    2.MANVI GUPTA-OM86866617
    ----BAG ACHIEVERS----
    1.SULEKHA RANI-OM78654905
    2.RANJIT KAPRI-OM89563001
    3.DOULATI DEVI-OM78986543
    4.PRAKASH DUBEY-OM57689845
    5.KAMLESH SINGH-OM78987656

  • Top Earners

    Photo Name Assciate ID Amount
    RINA DEVI OM29014999 451969 INR
    ANITA DEVI OM87218385 311602 INR
    ABHI KUMAR OM51695913 140560 INR
    AWADHESH KUMAR OM15008056 130452 INR
    SANGINI KUMARI OM90842587 127224 INR
    SURAJ KANT OM31424803 86606 INR
    RAHUL KUMAR OM34981242 75356 INR
    SARITA DEVI OM69049526 72200 INR
    KUMAR GOURAV OM32812083 69560 INR
    RAVIKANT KUMAR OM80536699 64816 INR
    KARAN KUMAR OM88505996 51932 INR
    CHARAN SINGH OM87474402 44000 INR
    SUMANT KUMAR OM17112601 40050 INR
    MADHUBALA DEVI OM59019734 37200 INR
    TARNI YADAV OM44670012 35000 INR
    MANITA DEVI OM63714655 33132 INR
    MANOJ MARANDI OM50056113 32800 INR
    GYANTI DEVI OM27372011 31860 INR
    VIJAYA DEVI OM78185395 30600 INR

    Bike Fund Achiever

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    Travel Fund Achiever

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    Car Fund Achiever

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    House Fund Achiever

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